The Wind Tunnel is part of a great plan.

In June 2018, Politecnico di Torino and the Directorate General for Mining and Energy systems’ infrastructures and safety (DGISSEG) at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development signed an agreement to cooperate in the setting up of the SEASTAR Competence Center.

In December 2020, the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) joined the Center increasing the commitment of the Torino-based research centres in supporting the development of innovative technologies towards a sustainable energy future with a low environmental impact.

SEASTAR stands for Sustainable Energy Applied Sciences, Technology & Advanced Research and it is a multidisciplinary hub and aggregation point that develops studies, research and technological innovation in the field of safety (also for the environment, not only for humans and assets) of offshore exploration and production of hydrocarbons.

The main objective of the Centre, located by the premises of the Environment Park in Torino, is to enforce research projects and technology transfer towards companies, but it also provides educational services and dissemination on technologies related to offshore safety.

In this transition phase towards a low-carbon economy, the Center focuses the attention on sustainability of the Oil&Gas technologies, on the evaluation of their role in the future low-carbon context and on the decommissioning of plants and infrastructures which have reached their end of life.

The SEASTAR-WT is part of the infrastructures devoted to the studies at the heart of the Competence Center mission. Releases of harmful gases, but also testing of drones for surveillance or whatever other task they could perform to improve safety are typical activities that could be hosted in the Wind Tunnel.

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